Nicki Minaj has come out of \"retirement\" for a capsule collection with Fendi

Nicki Minaj has come out of "retirement" for a capsule collection with Fendi

Fendi Prints On

Text: Stephanie Boey

Nicki Minaj and Fendi collaborate for a bold, futuristic collection with Fendi Prints On

After a now-deleted tweet by Nicki Minaj that she will be retiring, there's been much ado whether the rapper will be hanging up the microphone for good. On 5 September, she tweeted, "I've decided to retire and have my family. I know you guys are happy now." An uproar commenced to say the least.

Nicki has gone to defuse the situation by following up with a tweet saying, "I'm still right here" and that "the tweet was abrupt and insensitive." Whether it was a troll tweet or not, Nicki is back in the headlines this month for a collaboration with Fendi, and has gone on to release a song with PNB Rock and Murda Beatz for a music video to coincide with the latest fashion drop. The name of the track? Why, Fendi of course!

A part of the FF Series, the collab Fendi Prints On collection sees a collection of accessories, bags and shoes for men and women. The collection has a futuristic party feel as flashy neons and metallic brights dominate the colourways. The Fendi Baguette arrives in a hot fluorescent pink and metallic silver hue, available in varying sizes and finishes such as sequins and faux fur. The laced platform eskimo boot looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi flick, same goes with the rainbow-tinted wraparound sunnies. Our pick? The bamboo-moulded FF logo earrings for a more subtle approach.


View the full collection below:

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