Let your eyes do all the talking in this New Normal.
With all the mask-wearing that we're used to right now, don't denounce all your makeup just yet. While your lipsticks and foundation can take a backseat (for now), elevate your eye makeup game to a whole new level to better suit your masked canvas.

We put the sparkle in three girls' eyes with a plethora of dreamy looks, from star-studded lids to floral-dusted peepers.
Toe the line between saccharine sweet and out-of-this-world etherealness with a smattering of stars. For 25-year-old stylist Deanna whose signature look is more quirky-edgy than girly girl, we upped the ante with star-shaped sequins and iridescent speckles for a galactic-chic effect.
What are you working on right now?
“It's supposed to be a secret, but we're planning to open a boutique in KL, and we're running around looking for stuff for the new store. I'm really looking forward to it! I won't get into the details—that's still a secret."

Describe your relationship
with makeup.

“Before the MCO, I didn't really wear makeup—just sunscreen and blusher—but during the lockdown I got stuck in the YouTube rabbit hole. I learned how to use mascara, eyeshadow and I even bought my first foundation from Bobbi Brown. I've only used it once or twice so I'm not entirely sure if it's good or otherwise, but I'd definitely try it again."

How would you characterise your signature look?

“I work as a stylist, and sometimes I tend to look intimidating (I don't bite, it's just my RBF), so I like playing around with eyeliner and eyeshadow to soften up my features."

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Feeling spirited enough to take on a glamorous look? Rock a sultry countenance à la model and actor Chandni Bainz here. Ease into colour and texture with varying shades of purple and glitter—coat them on the lashes for an eye-opening finish.
What are you up to at the moment?
“I am focusing on my current projects in India and getting new gigs. There's still a lot of ongoing discussions, but I'm hoping to score a few roles right now."

How has your beauty routine evolved since the MCO?
“I'm used to really natural makeup, but I think I'm getting better at makeup right now because I practised a lot during the MCO. I've learned new trends like creating the whole Euphoria look (if you know, you know)."

How does skincare and makeup play a role in your profession?
“It plays a big role. As an artist with a camera in your face all the time, you have to look good—your skin especially has to look good. I had a massive breakout a month ago due to an allergic reaction. I'm not sure what caused it but it was my first time breaking out like this in all of my 18 years, so, naturally, I started freaking out. I had a few major projects that were based in India, and I was really nervous about the way I looked. In the end I learned to disregard and just embrace it."

What do you love the most about your job?
“Definitely meeting new people and being creative. I love acting and modelling; the beauty about the job is that it allows you to experiment and find your own style. So, apart from the fame that comes with it (though, whether or not I get recognition doesn't matter), I do thoroughly enjoy it—I love finding my weaknesses and strengths."

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Take flower power quite literally and indulge in a perennial floral fest with dried blooms and a touch of iridescence. Nutritionist and yoga instructor, Delphine Lim channelled her inner flower child with the daintiest of petals and a colourful cat eye.
Please share your skincare routine with us.
“I'm proud to say that it has improved over the past few months—it's like I went to YouTube University for skincare during the MCO (laughs). I've always had really sensitive skin, and right now wearing masks has been aggravating it so I've been looking into mild, soothing skincare products that work for me. What I've learned is that I have to use an oil, a no-foam base cleanser—and always double cleanse. Following that, toner, hyaluronic acid and rosehip oil; not forgetting sunscreen every day because I burn easily."

Do you often experiment with makeup?
“I don't wear makeup to work, apart from maybe a little concealer, or brow product on occasion; though most days I just roll out of bed and go. There isn't really much point in it, you know? I mean, if I'm training for yoga or dance, lipstick really gets all over the place—my shirt, my leg, my arms. But I do love putting on makeup for events; it's fun to experiment with."

What would you say is the most gratifying part of your job?
“In terms of nutrition, it's exciting because everyone's diet is different and it tells a story of who they are, what they do. Everyone's diet is unique, and it's very satisfying to have my clients complete their programmes. Plus, I'm a little geeky about science—I love reading about it and constantly learning on the job. Sometimes things can get a little stressful with clients throughout the programme, but the end is so worth it.

“On the yoga side, I like people! Teaching gives me energy, even if I've had a really tiring day. I feel so good when I teach—it's like my coffee, only better. There's also people you see grow after a while, and they'll start doing things that you (or they themselves) didn't even know they were capable of."

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Photography: Soon Lau/Awesome Image
Art direction: Calleigh Yap, Loh Wei Yeen
Makeup: Chufan
Hair: Garrie Bobs
Styling and text: Loh Wei Yeen
Layout and Videography: Sarah Tai
Interviews: Redzhanna Jazmin
Wardrobe: Topshop, Wanderlust + Co.

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