Episode 1
Buro Malaysia is all about supporting local talent and among those local talents are our very own Malaysian photographers. Like all things related to art, the people in the said field have a keener eye for hidden gems; and a stronger hunger for seeking out new places. With BMW Malaysia, we'll be taking Malaysian photographers back to their hometowns, exploring their nostalgic backyard (where to eat, what to see, and where to go) while getting to know who they are behind the gorgeous photographs they take.
It's a road trip!
The most interesting place I've been to thanks to work would have to be India. I was there for 14 days and I remember how gorgeous the colours and culture there was. In particular, we went up this mountain and the path was quite treacherous. People have died on that road because there are no dividers whatsoever. Your chances of making it up (and down) alive was 50-50 and my heart was beating so fast, but the minute I saw the view from up there, my fear disappeared. And then, I met this 104-year-old-man who lives there. He cried upon my visit. I took a portrait of him and that has been the most memorable photo I've taken to date because I too was just as touched!
Nuar Yusli
Come here for fluffy roti canai, and lontong that's rich in flavour and where you can combine it with additional sides such as fried chicken and sambal sotong.
You can do a day trip to Sijangkang
but I recommend staying for at least three to four days because there's a number of things you can do here. Food is cheap and delicious. You can do adventurous activities such as riding the ATV, trekking the mangrove forest, fishing or even go-kart. Alternatively, just come here to relax. It's peaceful and there's still so much nature here. You might even find inspiration.
Game for a trek through the Instagrammable mangrove woods?
Yes, I'm now a full-time photographer. Some of my clients include Malindo, AirAsia, Tourism Australia; they usually look to me for travel photos. For example, when AirAsia was about to launch a new route to Tianjin in China, they sent me there first to find interesting places to feature and take photographs of.
What do they serve: Various Malaccan-style asam pedas in claypot paired with different kinds of fish (including stingray!). We also highly recommend their "detox" drinks - refreshing and great for the 'gram.
I actually graduated from UiTM with a degree in Finance - which is very different from what I'm doing now (laughs). It started with Instagram. I saw a lot of beautiful photos and asked those Instagrammers how I could be as good as them. They were very kind and shared their tips and tricks for mobile photography. So during my semester break, I would a lot of travel photos. In the beginning, I'd even head to Genting just to capture the foggy sunrise and then I went back home!
Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life with a mini boat ride up and down the river. Fun fact: It can take you all the way to Glenmarie.
I think one of the best places to
explore in Malaysia is Terengganu. But personally, I'm a fan of nature photography and Terengganu is famous for its nature, so I might be biased in saying that. I've studied there before and been several times and yet, I'm not done exploring it. It's such a huge state and has so much to offer!
All photos featured here were taken with an iPhone 11 Pro.
Produced by: Rachel Au
Videography: Octopost Studio
Photography: Nuar Yusli
Assisted by: Ronn Tan
Layout by: Calleigh Yap
Car: BMW X3 xDrive30i

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