Episode 2
Buro Malaysia is all about supporting local talent and among those local talents are our very own Malaysian photographers. Like all things related to art, the people in the said field have a keener eye for hidden gems; and a stronger hunger for seeking out new places. With BMW Malaysia, we'll be taking Malaysian photographers back to their hometowns, exploring their nostalgic backyard (where to eat, what to see, where to go) while getting to know who they are behind the gorgeous photographs they take. It's a road trip!
I was a laser skin therapist for about seven years before I started dabbling in wedding photography. It all started with one of my friends's wedding photos that was taken by my sifu, Mun Keat. It was the first time that a photo could evoke so many emotions in me. And that's what wedding photography means to me—it's full of all kinds of emotions such as laughter, tears, happiness, and even the mood of the day can be captured. I love that.
But the most memorable photos I've taken are when the couple tears up and the wefies we take after the shoot is completed. Throughout the journey of shooting the wedding day or even the pre-wedding photos, we end up building quite a good relationship and end up becoming friends.
Isn't that amazing?
Louis Gan
Balajian = belachan. Yes, the same one from your sambal and here is where tons of this type of tiny shrimp is caught, produced and packed in gunny sacks—most of which are to be exported to Thailand.

Fun fact:Belachan is actually a block of brownish paste made from a type of tiny shrimp that's mixed with salt, and then fermented.
Many ppl know about Pulau Ketam
and Bagan Sungai Lima is the island just next to it! We're a fishing village that's a lot smaller but it's not as commercialised yet so it has a lot of raw beauty. Most of the villagers are Hokkien lang. According to my Mum, thousands of people fled from China to Sungai Lima during World War 2. They started building houses on stilts and eventually more people arrived.
A typical breakfast meal on the island, the nasi lemak has a bit of everything; from small prawns to baby clams to strips of meat. Pour the curry broth on top for additional 'kick'!
My kampung house is very special
in my heart—not just because of my fond childhood memories there—it's a huge house that can fit ten or more people, and it's surrounded by the river. By the way, Bagan Sungai Lima means the fifth river.
While KL is fascinated with brown sugar bubble tea, Bagan Sungai Lima traditionally makes brown sugar cake. We can only describe it being similar to ma lai goh (Malay sponge cake) but dotted with brown sugar patches. Fluffy, light and sweet.
To get to Bagan Sungai Lima,
you need to take a boat from Port Klang but there are only two to three boats going there, and coming back, in a day. 10.30am is the last boat to get there and 5.30pm is the last boat to come back to Port Klang. There are a lot of boats going to Pulau Ketam but actually, the boats do need to pass by my kampung first (laughs).
Bagan Sungai Lima is, first and foremost, a fishing village—though there are plenty of interesting sites and attractions to see as well. While you're there, why not check out the behind-the-scenes of the local fishing industry?
It all started as a hobby. After seeing
Mun Keat's photographs, I decided to join his wedding photography workshop. I bought myself a DSLR, I took pictures of everything, and eventually started shooting for my friends' weddings. I was doing it part-time until one day, my sifu, Mun Keat asked me if I've ever thought of doing it fulltime. I struggled with that question for a whole year before finally taking the leap! It was tough because it doesn't provide a stable income at the beginning but I got to know more friends from the wedding industry and slowly built my name.
One of the best things to do there is riding a boat out to look for eagles. There's a lot of them there and if you're lucky, your boat Captain might even bring food along to feed them and attract their attention.
This job has given me a lot of chances to explore the world and meet people. It has also taught me to be present, love life and stop complaining; and just take the next step. Just keep doing what you love—life is short. Love what you do; do what you love. That is everything.
All photos featured here were taken with an iPhone 11 Pro.
Produced by: Rachel Au
Videography: Octopost Studio
Photography: Louis Gan
Assisted by: Ronn Tan
Layout by: Calleigh Yap
Car: BMW X2 sDrive20i

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