What kind of future do you envision for the world? What steps are you taking today to turn that vision into reality? UK-based footwear brand Clarks advocates that we have to do things differently today if we want to change the world of tomorrow.

In conjunction with the launch of its Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, the brand invites four local talents—each stemming from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles—to step up in style and pave the way for social change in their respective circles and industries.

Watch the video below and scroll on to discover how they are taking strides forward now for a better future.
Fondly known by his Instagram handle as TTFGA (Tukang Tangkap Foto Gembira Anda, which translates to "your happy photographer"), Ridduan Ismail is one of the most celebrated street photographers in the country.

With his keen eye for visuals and razor-sharp sense of style, he turned what started out as a photography series into a modelling agency named Topboi Citizen. Today, he serves as the creative director of the agency, which provides representation for male talents while leading the evolution of Malaysia's fashion and modelling scene.

On his vision for the fashion industry, Ridduan says: "I see us making more waves and getting the attention that we deserve in Malaysia and the rest of Southeast Asia. It's time for the world to understand our culture, and respect our input. In fact, it's already happening."
Ridduan wears the
Bradish Limit Black Leather
Fearlessly outspoken and effortlessly stylish, Nalisa Alia Amin is the very picture of confidence. The 33-year-old began her career as a magazine writer before breaking onto the scene as the first plus-size model to open the 2018 KL Fashion Week, flaunting her curves while encouraging body acceptance.

Since then, her journey of growth and self-love has inspired others along the way, and she continues to encourage authentic discussions about the fashion and beauty industries, on top of voicing out on pressing issues such as sexual harassment.

What kind of future does she dream of as a body acceptance advocate? "I hope people will be more empathetic and inclusive towards marginalised bodies, and stop judging others because we don't know what they may be going through."
Nalisa wears the
CraftCup Court White Leather
He's got the talent, he's got the looks. But more importantly, Malek Mccrone has got the heart—especially for the environment. While you've probably seen him on TV, gracing local magazine covers, or at some of the hottest events in KL, you may also run into the actor and model if you frequent the trails in Setia Alam.

When not in front of the camera, Malek enjoys spending time in nature to stay active and escape from the concrete jungle. He also regularly participates in trail run competitions and road cycling with like-minded individuals.

As a self-professed outdoors enthusiast, Malek imagines a future where people are more mindful of Mother Nature and do not pollute the environment. "I think it's important to educate people about the harm of throwing rubbish everywhere and how it negatively impacts the environment."
Malek wears the
CourtLite Lace Black Leather
Shweta Sekhon may have passed on the crown since winning the title of Miss Universe Malaysia in 2019, but by no means has she stopped upholding the values of a true pageant queen—by spreading messages of love and positivity through her platforms.

Raised by a single mother, the 25-year-old has been instilled with strength and compassion from a young age and uses her voice for women empowerment. She championed the #YourBodyYourSay campaign during her "reign", and still advocates for body positivity as a host and actress today.

On how she is taking small steps towards making the world a better place, she shares: "I will always stand by what I preach and truly believe in it. It starts with feeding myself with positivity because I believe that you become what you feed yourself with."
Shweta wears the
Orianna Edge Black Leather
How are you making a change for the world ahead?
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