"Mental health is such an important issue as most people would have been pushed to their limits, so it's important to learn to cope with that stress and channel it into something productive."
"We managed to keep people engaged and entertained during the pandemic by hosting events online, such as cocktail-making classes and even virtual clubbing. We've had to be quite innovative with ways to still engage with customers during a crisis like this."
"I usually channel a lot of energy to the riders in class, but during MCO, I used the time to focus on myself a bit more. Having to strip back to basics—home workouts with no equipment—took my fitness to a new level."
"You never know what's going to happen especially during this time but for my team and me, every time we face a problem, we'll take it as an opportunity and rise. It's never a challenge for us because of that mindset."
"My advice for young chefs is to stay strong and stay positive. Don't give up—things will get better. Although this industry is greatly affected, things will eventually return to normal and we'll be able to prosper again."
"The 'Dinner at the Long Bar' gives people a very bespoke, handcrafted dining experience where it's really interactive for the diners, me and the team."