Searching for something to suit the festive mood? There's no better way to enjoy it than with the Nespresso Variations Italia limited edition coffee range (priced at RM27 per sleeve). Imagine brewing a cup with your favourite holiday track or film playing in the background—you're bound for a jolly good time. Inspired by the flavours of traditional Italian sweet treats, Nespresso's Variations Italia coffee range features three limited-edition capsules: Variations Italia Amaretti Flavour (with almond and vanilla notes), Variations Italia Torta di Nocciole Flavour (with toasted hazelnut and vanilla notes), and Il Caffè (with roasty, cereal aromas). Here's a tip: They're great for desserts too!
If you're a coffee lover who's always on-the-go, there is a great option for you here to look at: the Nespresso Nomad Travel Mug. With a double wall and cover, you can be sure that your coffee—be it hot or cold—will be kept at the perfect temperature for a longer period of time. To top it off, it even has a convenient push-to-open button.
Behold, the stylish Lume collection, featuring cups and a capsule dispenser that don't just elevate special coffee moments spent at home, but make amazing gifts too. Bringing a sense of cosiness and warmth, the special Lume collection was designed by Milanese designer Federica Biasi and is meant to be a contemporary take on the traditional white porcelain coffee cup set.

With a delicate design and white matte finish, the permanent collection is available in two sizes: Gran Lungo (270ml) and Cappuccino (180ml). Don't forget about the accompanying Lume Mia capsule dispenser that comes with a transparent design and thus, adding a luminous sparkle to your capsules.
From refreshing iced coffees to elaborate latte art, the sleek Barista Machine allows you to prepare any concoction you could imagine. Along with an integrated touch screen and an app you can connect to, almost anyone could turn into a barista at home. Even better, the machine lets you personalise coffee recipes according to your preference. If you love milk in your coffee, the Barista Machine is an ultra-simple frother.